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Projects - Ireland

N11 and N31 Pavement Renewal Schemes

  • 8km of the N11 dual carriageway and N31 Mount Merrion Avenue
  • Preparation of Pavement Asset Repair and Renewal (PARR) reports.
  • Detailed design, tender and construction management of the project.
  • Works tendered and constructed in three lots, divided over 3 years.

Lender’s Technical Advisor for the N25 New Ross Bypass PPP

  • Bam Iridium appointed Steer in association with McCurdy Associates to provide lender’s technical advisor services.
  • McCurdy Associates lead on the road elements & provided all local inputs to the project.
  • Project design, construction and O&M of the road reached financial close in January 2016.
  • Steer/McCurdy Associates will monitor the construction and will provide regular assessments during the operation and maintenance of the scheme

TII: Pavement Asset Repair and Renewal Procedures

  • ROD/PMS appointed McCurdy Associates to develop the NRA DMRB standards for pavement asset repair and renewal procedures. The project involved drafting three new documents:
    • AM-PAV-06049: Pavement Asset/Repair and Renewal – Scheme Approval Procedure
    • AM-PAV-06050: Pavement Assessment, Repair and Renewal Principles
    • DN-PAV-03024: Bituminous Surfacing Materials and Techniques
  • AM-PAV-06050 provides technical guidance on pavement life cycle renewal in Ireland

N25 Waterford Bypass PPP

  • Appointed by the road operator to identify suitable resolutions to 61 no. defects
  • Scope of services includes:
    • Inspection of 61 no. locations
    • Identification of suitable pathways/proposals to resolve defective items
    • Prepare and run tender process for the works
    • Manage and supervise the remedial works
    • Act as Health and Safety Coordinator to the PSDP
    • Develop and coordinate a program for the works

N77 Low Energy Resurfacing Works

  • 3 km section of the N77 north of Kilkenny
  • Full depth pavement construction in accordance with IAN 01/11 on Low Energy Pavements
  • Used a range of pavement designs incorporating additives including crushed rock fines, cement, bitumen emulsion and foam emulsion
  • Provided construction supervision services and prepared close-out report
  • Pavement strength and condition is being monitored on a regular basis using FWD

N56 Donegal Pavement Asset Repair and Renewal Scheme

  • 3 no. PARR reports for Donegal County Council consisting of:
    • 4.9km of N56 Dunkineely to Bruckless
    • 4.9km of N56 Ardaghy to Dunkineely
    • 4.9km of N56 Ardaghy to Dunkineely
  • Visual inspection of site locations and interpretation of PAMS and FWD results.
  • Preparation of reports in accordance with relevant standards and Client requirements.

M17 – M18 Gort to Tuam PPP Pavements

Direct Route appointed McCurdy Associates to carry out the following:
  • Review of technical report on cause unusual defect in area of pavement
  • Identification of locations where traffic counts should be carried out
  • Provide quarterly Pavement Condition Report with respect to pavement testing and traffic accidents

Rehabilitation of Castlefarm Access Road

Dairygold appointed McCurdy Associates to oversee the rehabilitation of the Access Road at Castlefarm. The scope of the work included:
  • Pavement investigation using FWD and GPR.
  • Detailed design of 600m of access road plus a further 107m extension which incorporates recycled asphalt.
  • Preparation of the tender and contract documents.
  • Managing the tender award process.
  • Supervision of the works on site.
  • Preparation of an O&M manual.